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More than a Shoe-Specialty Store
At its inception, Kumkang aimed to offering highest-quality dress shoes and shoe-care services. Since then, Kumkang has evolved into Korea's iconic brand in fashion that encompasses not just shoes but all aspects of lifestyle. Together with affiliated companies which includes SPRIS, LESMORE, and CAMEO, Kumkang continues to extends its spectrum into atheltic and casual shoes, contemporary apparels, and fashion accessories. In order to ensure craftsmanship and authenticity, Kumkang spares no resources in developing new products and enhancing our service.
The Most Robust Retail Network in Korea
Across 130 cities at over 600 locations in Korea, customers can easily find Kumkang products in any forms of company own shops, Kumkang-exclusive dealers, and department store shops. Unsatisfied still, Kumkang seeks to diversity its distribution channels to bring fresh and diverse products at an attractive price. At Kumkang, customers set our standard. Our products will passionately reflect our customers' needs and demands, as we deeply believe true fashion begins from customers' hearts. Since its founding in 1954, Kumkang's philosophy has been 'Best Products through Top-Quality Service' and every one of us at Kumkang has served as faithful guardian of the philosophy. Our pursuit to offer what customers desire will continue.
WALKING FOR THE FUTURE - Our Commitment Ahead
In today's world, it is not enough to merely catch up to the global fashion trends, rather, one must actively set the tone and lead the trend itself. Leveraging its 50-plus years of workmanship and heritage, Kumkang is now transitioning to become a truly global fashion house, and walking for the brighter and more promising future.
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